Thursday, March 29, 2018

We’re BAAAAAaaaaack!

It is colorful!
It has lots of sizes.
It hasn't blogged this year.....

What is it?

It's our class!!!! We (meaning I) took a small break from the blogging world. We've had a lot of new "things" at our school and in our district that I focused my energy on. This included starting school-wide reading interventions, and with a new curriculum, as well as math interventions, a new testing program district wide, and a school-wide behavior matrix with ticket system. whew.....

So now that we are in the swing of things. I've decided to get back into this blogging and show my kiddos what it's like to do all that it entails. Welcome to our first installment: Describing Things (in our Classroom).

 Thanks for checking us out. We will continue to work on describing. Next stop....describing places!

Here's to good smells, sounds, and sights! 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Night of Reading Centers

Hey everyone!!!

It's been a while but we have been busy as bees here lately so let's fly right in. This semester we hosted our first Parent Night. Students worked together to decide what parents should get to know and see from our Reading Centers. We discussed how these centers are a part of our every day and families should see how we spend such a big part of our day. I then sent out a survey using the wonderful Google Forms to find which day worked best for families. After that, well, it was time to get some invitations made and get them in the hands of students and families. Thanks RedStamp for the beautiful and easy design process!

Since we do centers daily, there was no extra prep (which we can all appreciate) AND the students are the pros at doing this so they were the teachers the entire night. We had a great turnout! Check out my students in action!

We had a blast! The students are already excited about hosting a Math Center Night soon. Be on the lookout for our next event!

Friday, January 6, 2017

New Year Celebration: School Style!

The new year is here! Hello 2017! While many of us celebrated NYE and the beginning of our new year with family, friends, and loved ones.....well I didn't get to celebrate it with my kiddos and who doesn't want to throw a celebration again? (nobody, that's who!)

So Wednesday night I went and raided the Wal-Mart clearance section for tons of cheap celebration goodies. You can't pass up $0.75 for a pack of glasses! Then on Thursday, we discussed as a class what students did, what the new year means for some, and what it means for our class: This is a continuance of our learning but a new year to start off however we decide.  Then we got down to celebration mode! Cue the decorations and countdown. (and no celebration is complete without confetti.....)
 Wait for it......

 Even Mrs. Payne from across the hall wanted to join in the fun!

Of course, what happens after every good celebration? The cleanup, of course. There is NO WAY we could leave that mess for our wonderful custodians (let alone continue to function in the room that afternoon) so we set to cleanup duty!
 Afterwards we jotted down our goals for the year using an updated 2017 New Year Celebration sheet that you can grab from TpT!
Some goals we had:
- Read: science, more, Junie B., less
- Learn: to read better, talk less, math, facts, more, better
- Try: to stay calm, apples, be nice, my best, harder, to listen
- Do more: have fun, learn, read, write
- Do less: be mean, talk, sit

Looking at these goals, we've got a great year ahead!

Here's to trying new things, stopping bad habits, and making memories!